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Process manufacturing

Have you ever wondered what prevents you from obtaining the productivity gains of the 3 next years in just one?
There are multiple causes: dispersed data, strong variability, errors repeated between multiple production teams, external influences...

Our skillset

  • In optimisation of industrial processes
  • In improving process performance
Software developer
  • To collect and compile data
  • For quality control
  • To optimize industrial processes in real time
Capitalize on knowledge
  • Thanks to the Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Thanks to knowledge pooling
  • To the use of new tools
  • To the improvement en performance

Why wait 3 years for productivity gains that you could achieve in just one year?

Helps making the right decisions
  • Encourages the operators to be proactive
  • Suggests setting corrections
  • Simulates the results of setting corrections
Assesses the production behavior
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Recommendations for settings corrections
  • Understanding of the process' causal relationships

Our software Pikaia...

Pikaia opens a world of possibilities for the optimisation of your process

Pikaia opens a world of possibilities for the optimisation of your process

  • Pikaia is the only software on the market that handles all aspects of optimisation.
  • Its modular conception enables it to adapt to all situations.
  • It allows the customer to progress at their pace in their industry 4.0 transformation.
  • Finally, Pikaia is the only software that puts optimisation whithin reach of the operators.
Gathers data in real time
  • Process data (supervision, PLC, ...)
  • Manual entries
  • Measurements on products
  • Informations from an ERP
Formalizes the Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Product quality management
  • Production recipes management
  • Full traceability
  • Knowledge database

Our solutions

We follow and assist you in:

  • The evaluation of the profit potential and return on investment,
  • The delivery of the solution best suited to you,
  • The training for Pikaia and the good manufacturing practices,
  • The implementation of specific interfacings in order to collect data,
  • The use of our tools until tangible results are apparent.

Our tools and services:

  • Are available through a punctual optimisation service,
  • Can be bought,
  • Can be leased or rented.

Don't forget that the more a process is complex, the more it has optimisation potential!

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